growing jewelry

hafsteinnjuliussonlifestyle Would you a wear jewelry that grows?

 Product designer, Hafsteinn Juliusson thinks so.  

 So much in fact, he created a line dubbed growing jewelry.  These silver-cast rings are host to Icelandic Moss that require a bit of T.L.C. from the jewelry owner.  The complete kit includes the jewelry boxes doubling as mini-greenhouses.  


What happens when the Icelandic Moss dies?  You have two options, says Juliusson, order more moss from the website OR go out and pick your own.  The silver casing is also home to unobtrusive screw that holds a variety of plant matter into place.  


 Pick a plant yourself and watch it grow:  some ideas talked about with friends are succulents and clovers.





shown: growing jewelry ring and very own growing jewelry waterbottle (complete with helvetica type – that’s another story though).


What would you plant in your Growing Jewelry ring?



Direct Link + Growing Jewelry Store 


3 responses to “growing jewelry

  1. Google Translation: “I want more I have a web veq per mu for dashnijen topic”

    Hrmmm . . . Is there an Albanian in the house to help out? 🙂

  2. i saw succulent rings in NYT magazine, or maybe Design Sponge three or four years ago. . .they were bulkier than these images. . .and had little dome lids. so cute!

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