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If sticking to a schedule was the plan, I failed miserably.  However, if asked, I could easily reply I had the best South By South West yet! The highlight of the week was catching Rockabilly Legend, Wanda Jackson.  Take a peek at her videos dating back to the ’50s!  She dated THE KING, Elvis Presley.  I’ve provided some captions to the last 10 WILD days of life.

photo1.  Lego land, “It’s all hard work at South By South West Interactive”.

photo2. A band plastering their posters on 6th Street.  QR codes took over SXSW 2011.  Party information, free songs released by musical artists – you name it and it there was a QR code for it.

photo3. Self-portrait

photo4. (Personal) Official drink of SXSW

photo5. A glimpse at my interactive schedule.

photo6. The Joby Gorrillapod was a perfect accessory for my Flip cam.

photo7. Falling Whistles makes an appearance on the streets of Austin, Texas.

photo8. South By San Jose “Always and forever free” was sicky sicky gnar gnar.

photo9. The Cave Singers at South By San Jose

photo10. Guitarist of Wanda Jackson flashes a killer smile.

photo11. Wanda Jackson, Queen of Rockabilly, at South by San Jose.

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