Hello, me. *

On occasion I will receive an e-mail or a text asking “Is this you?”

The first time I showed my mother this photo she didn’t even believe it was me.

The story about this photo is pretty funny.  See, I had a friend who was majoring in Photo-communications and under studied with a photographer.  Their Brazilian model called in sick and they needed a runner-up.  Enter in me, the B-string model for the day.  The photographer specialized in stock photos, which I later learned from Agence Talent is a risky business, since you never know where your photo will land.

However, in this case it’s worked out pretty well.  This photo is featured on the auto insurance web pages of USAA and featured articles on both AOL and Yahoo.

Not too bad for a runner-up, eh?

*I apologize for the most narcissistic title, ever.


One response to “Hello, me. *

  1. Awesome! I bet it’s a kick in the pants to see that pic pop up somewhere else!

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