i heart the arthouse (rooftop)

The first screening to the Rooftop Architecture Film Series at the Arthouse.

Inspiration for the film series came from the building itself, which originally dates back to 1851. 700 Congress Avenue was recently re-designed by an emerging national architecture firm, Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis (NYC).  The building has caused such a stir it is featured in both the February issues of Architectural Record, and Dwell magazine.

The Rooftop Architecture Film Series proposes a dialogue between the new architecture of Arthouse and the built environment of past and present through film. These documentaries investigate not only celebrated architects and their projects, but also the people who activate their buildings.

Koolhaas HouseLife directed by  Ila Beka & Louise Lemoine (PARIS), is a film that takes the viewer on an intimate journey into a residential home built by one of the Pritzker Prize winning Dutch Architect, Rem Koolhaas (OMA).  Beka and Lemoine’s series, Living Architecture seeks to develop  a way of looking at architecture which turns away  from the current trend of idealizing the representation of our architectual heritage.   The cult of perfect, disembodied forms entirely devoid of people, inevitably leads to a break-up between architecture and living space.  This film takes the viewer to a place that gets beyond the formal introductions.  The view is breathtaking, as one would expect when the featured house resides in Bordeaux.  Other times, the scene is not so glamourous.  Through the lens, this Parisienne duo leads an incredibly fascinating tour through the life of a house and it’s keepers.

+ Support Arthouse by attending events like The Rooftop Architecture Series or by becoming a member.

Community Room, Arthouse


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