the backpack • all grown up

I’ve been browsing for the perfect work bag.  Browsing may be an understatement considering this has been a three plus year quest.  It started out as an old Foley+Corinna Mid City Tote, however that time has come and gone.  My lifestyle change of late requires something more Durable.  Classic.  And even better with an updated detail.  Enter into my world the Billykirk Small Carryall in Black Waxed Cotton.   YUM!


2 responses to “the backpack • all grown up

  1. Durable chic, and practical all in one! I love that bag! I also need a good laptop bag. I need one that doubles as (or triples) as a place to carry both purse items (cell phone, wallet) and camera items (charger, extra battery, etc).

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