A post for my dear friend

Pictured with @slavetofashion, a R-E-A-L and down to earth woman.

I apologize for my radio silence in the middle of Austin Fashion Week. I have loads of photos to share and stories to tell.

Austin Fashion Week was, more than anything else, a week of life lessons: lessons on friendship and business – both the positives and the negatives that go with it, on time management, on ego (as Tolly so eloquently put it), and on how important I’m willing to work when the rewards are worth it (oh how quickly the priorities change when you treat your people right). Now that my schedule has slowed down I am eager to share my experiences from the week.


4 responses to “A post for my dear friend

  1. You were right- that picture of us is lovely!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- you are mah boo!! I look forward to working with you again and I am so lucky to know you and be your friend!!

  2. First of all, ooh la la, love the new typeface! What is this exciting new font I’m typing in? It feels very sophisticated.

    Secondly, wasn’t Fashion Week fun? I had such a blast, thanks to Anna and you girls. I wonder if she’d consider making us a “style street team” OUTSIDE of afw?? Haha. But anyway, I just really fell in love with our city’s little design community last month. Unique, offbeat, classy events. And it was so fun talking to the team, getting ideas and feedback, even hearing who was covering what! I miss our little morning afw emails. 🙂


    PS: Adorbs picture of you and Cathy.

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