Teams Kick Off on Austin Fashion Week Runway

The CIARLABride red dress that had everyone talking.

Louise Black fabricated this piece specifically for Austin Fashion Week.

Team Anachronism was one of the few teams that utilized both mens and womenswear.

Sheer fabrics and the use of layers were a strong thread throughout the show.

Nature inspired materials, like feathers and beetle wings, were seen used by several teams.

One of my favorite shots from the runway.

Swimwear, lingerie, and children's apparel designers will be judged alongside bridal and womenswear designers.

In the moment.

One party goer was overheard saying Team Knickers were the "Kings of the Runway".

Detail Shot.

SavannahRed designs highlighted the growing trend of gorgeous plus size fashion for the AFW runway show.

A heavy trends was also the mixed use of materials that was seen throughout the show.

Attendees discuss the nights looks after the show.


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