1/5 W’s Wednesday

For the next 5 weeks I will discuss the 5’w of coloursmarie. Who, what, where, when, & why?

1 hour free writing sessions.




My name is Stephanie Marie Fraide.  I was born on July 22nd at 2:34 a.m., that makes me a Cancer/Leo cusp baby.  I tend to be a night owl and love dance music, I attribute this to my birth hour.  I grew up on 10 acres with chickens and a little dirt bike that I would ride around and pretend to travel the world.  I discovered Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and early Michael Jackson through my father’s record collection that I wasn’t supposed to touch.

During the day I work for Whole Earth Provision Company as the Assistant Footwear Buyer.  Whole Earth Provision Company is an outdoor specialty retailer, which is a total departure from the content shared on coloursmarie.  Working for WEP I am continually exposed to some of the most up to date garment materials and construction technologies.  There are some companies, like Gore,  that spend hundreds of hours on testing fabrics durability.  We’re talking about a facility constructed in the name of complete innovation.  It’s mind boggling.  I spend my days analyzing trends, colors, silhouettes, & materials for a variety of footwear vendors.  I don’t even know how many hundreds if not thousands (I kid you not) of different styles I see each season.  I think one of the best perks is also the natural embodiment of the industry.  It’s about getting out, being active and enjoying the outdoors.  I buy climbing shoes.  Isn’t that funny in this context of writing on coloursmarie?  I climb.  Did you know that?  Well, I’m a beginning climber, but still . . . I have my job to thank for that.  Who can say that about their job?

I started coloursmarie as an outlet to share the many amazing and inspiring  ______ (fill in the blank – fashion, art, architecture, idea, marketing ad . . .).  Throughout this year I have worked with some extremely talented individuals!  I’ve worked on projects that I’ve only dreamed about and I have made some great friends along the way.  The community has been open armed the entire way and I thank you for that welcome.  It means the world, like the first friend you make as the “new” kid.

I have noticed that over the months, almost a year, I’ve strayed a little bit.  I am interested in sharing much more than fashion or style.  I want to share the inspiration behind it, the clever little things that you learn along the way, the behind the scenes action that you never get to hear about. It’s kinda crazy this whole blog thing, it’s easy to be pegged as some sort of 2-D character that is single minded.  That’s not how real life is though.   So . . . I’m working on including just that little bit more.  After all, it is coloursmarie.


One response to “1/5 W’s Wednesday

  1. ka-uute! outfit! OMG loving those shoes. And, that shade of emerald/jade green in your scarf is so perfect for your olive skin. Perrrtty! Did you always know you were a cusp or was that my influence? 🙂

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