from the dailies : cold weather wear for SXSW

I wore four shirts to our SXSW festivities on Saturday, a down jacket, an insulated hat and two pairs of long johns and it still was so COLD!  I felt so bad for the out of town guests that only brought tank tops.  Completely dragging ass Saturday morning, Mr. D and I made it to THE show just in time to completely MISS Balmorhea.  I’m still a little depressed.  We ended up over at the MXTX (MESS WITH TEXAS)  party where I scored a ride on a Harley – no joke!  Amazing.  I got up to 60 MPH and had to get off.  I got a photo.  I was happy.  Managed to catch, HOLY F*CK and hot damn are they a fun group to watch.  Totally wacked out music, loved it.  After a full fledged surrender to the alternate reality that became my SXSW, I thought it was only fitting.    I leave you with some photos from the rest of my trip.  Super saturated, vibrant colour from the trailer at the back of Liberty.  Of course I had to take some photos.  Like a moth to a flame . . .  that colour will get me everytime.


5 responses to “from the dailies : cold weather wear for SXSW

  1. Ooh la la, I love the new vintage pics.

    This is such a beautiful blog. We are lucky in Austin to claim you as our own, Miss Stephanie. I am trying to more consciously weave a more vintage aesthetic into my life as well…so this is inspiration.

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