spring TEN is now!

Early SPRING is such an awakening time of of the year. I find myself eagerly awaiting the smell of fresh blooms and warmer temperatures.  Boutiques receive the season’s freshest shipments of spring styles and the only thing holding us back is the occasional days of cold.  This in-between moment allows for a moment of reflection on the past, a strong footing for the current and a glimpse into the possible.  The Fall ’10 shows begin and a peek into the future of fashion occurs.  A month of nonstop shows, exhibits and extravagant parties are held all over the globe.  It’s absolutely insane to follow the wave of conscious thought through and through.  An idea that may have been toyed with for Spring ’10 shows could turn into a full exploration the next season.

A curiosity of mine is exploring the evolution of a thought or  idea.  This can be applied to any creative endeavor, however my preferred study is the “collective fashion consciousness“, described so eloquently by Lookbook.nu .    I get excited under my skin to see the fruits of seemingly infinite translation.  A single detail that is produced over and over – New York, Paris, Milan.  An example is the use of  camels, nudes, and soft pinks.  This palette has been a hit throughout the collections this season.  There’s a certain femininity that is inherent in it’s use.  It’s as if the color evokes an underlying current or soft background to showcase the female form.   Each interpretation unique to it’s creator and their cultural influences; silhouettes become softer and begin to drape while still retaining a classic look in America, mixed use of the sheerest of fabrics juxtaposed with heavy metal accents from Paris, while the Italians give you mile long legs with a sporty shift & matching hot pants.

New York, Behnaz Sarafour

Paris, A.F. Vandervorst

Milan, Etro

Spring TEN. I am most interested in exploring the use of soft color, folkloric trends & my own ideas of the vintage American trend that is quietly wooing the masses.  colours marie will be used through out the season to explore these and other up-and-coming style trends.  This format experiment STARTS NOW.  Are you as excited as me?

3 responses to “spring TEN is now!

  1. congrats on your feature on News8 – saw you and had to come check out your website. Congratulations on your engagement!

  2. The Milan look is so great, the green khaki with the swimwear…ah, I want that swimsuit now! Good luck with your spring 10 experiments!

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