abundant sunshine

I’ve been obsessed over the tribal craze since last Fall.  I finally wore my huarache inspired flats and I’m loving them.  Aren’t you proud that I got them in black?  I finally broke down and got a pair of sensible flats instead of my usual picks of red, gold, silver snakeskin, turquoise  . . . These babies will be paired with some wild colors over the next few months, I can’t wait to see what outfits are inspired by them.  Now to find some amazing funky bright colored jewelry . . .


2 responses to “abundant sunshine

  1. I ADORE sandals like these. so comfy, cute, and sensible. I just bought a pair of sandals that i suppose are “in” right now. It’s hard to explain them, but they are the thong-style, but they cover the top of your foot with an almost triangle piece of leather, then all bedazzled with silver and bronze beading and such. know what i’m talking about? I promise they are not as cheesy as i’m making them seem

    ahhhhh sandal love ❤

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