the onslaught continues

a.k.a.*  the underlying current of life.

SXSW is just around the corner. Preparations begin for The Soldier Thread’s SXSW showcase.      Spring 10 arrivals are dropping daily and I’ve got a lot to say about that (I promise).  Oh yeah, and I’m helping prepare for a clients visit to Europe.  And of course my day job, which has been full of amazing previews of Fall ’10 but also eating into my off hours.  I’ve got a few cards up my sleeve that I’m excited to share . . . just not quite yet.

However, I am exited to share a music video that was released today by The Soldier Thread titled “In Spades”.

Hope you enjoy!


5 responses to “the onslaught continues

  1. Hi Tolly!

    I styled them for their show at Stubb’s, which happened to have a kick ass video scheduled to be made as well. I can briefly be seen in line at the beginning of the video. Can you guess which one I am?


  2. So you did the black assymetrical dress, the black cuff bracelet, and the white shirt with leather jacket look? Love it! Also, are you wearing the white coat 🙂 ? That’s my guess 🙂 .

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