the soldier thread styling project

photo: Beth Sargent

It all happened so quickly.  Stephen, from Surefire Media & Promotion contacted me and asked to lend a fashionable voice to The Soldier Thread for their upcoming show at Stubb’s.  Yowza!  I haven’t worked on a job like this since  tagging along with the main stylist for Mya’s Lock U Down video back in LA(-la Land).  Of course I said yes!

Saying that The Soldier Thread is evocative is an understatement.  There’s something that just pulls you in and makes you feel.  Words like haunting, climaxing, driving, gorgeous, eruption, airy, epic motion and progress are just a few of the words used to describe this group.  Between the words and the sound, an ocean storm just seemed like a perfect point of inspiration.  Can you imagine yourself there?  Feeling the ocean breeze circle around your ankles?  The back of your neck?

To me that is The Soldier Thread.  And I give you my source of inspiration.


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