Amen, Sister!

It’s going to be a glorious weekend.  Action packed and nonstop.  Let’s dig in.

Ahem, this Thursday.   Free and Dirty 30 birthday party with Ms. Wee Bee and DJ Henry Chow. Meow.  DJ Daniel Allen, also kicking it for the evening, makes this party the hottest on the block.  If you like to shake, rattle and occasionally get knocked over by reverb, head on down to Plush.  7th and Red River.  Leave your pretty clothes at home.

Also, I am going to band practice tomorrow.

Why, you ask?  Well, because  I’m styling local band The Soldier Thread and we’re having our dress rehearsal.  Heck yea!  Remember that project that kept reminding me of peacocks and storms?  Well, this is it! The Soldier Thread is playing their 2nd album release this Friday, the 29th at Stubb’s.  They are all total dolls and it’s been kickass working with them.    I’m attaching their poster in this post, but be on the look out for the hot outfits and updated news about the show.

This Saturday, no big deal. Just LE freaking GARAGE. Okay, that’s just the skinny on the happs from last year.  The real Le Garage January 2010 details are linked.  $10 bucks, wear pretty undergarments, Palmer Events Center.  Love, love, love this event.  Go.  It’s received the most press I have ever seen this past year.  The deals are going to fly off the shelf.  *DO NOT LEAVE ANY ITEM THAT YOU WOULD PINCH YOURSELF FOR LEAVING FOR ONE MOMENT.  DO NOT LET GO.  I’m telling you.  Tragic lost Jake Spade tote within 7 minutes from last year.  Hurts to think about really.  Let’s move on . . .

Save some energy for the ROCK N’ SWAP – Rock and roll, a little cocktail and and arsenal of clothing never hurt anyone.  Join in on the fun and know the the leftovers are headed to a good cause.  Head over to the Austin minx that is Tolly, The Austin Eavesdropper.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure is the biggest understatement when it comes to swaps.  Pay it forward.

Hoping to catch some pictures during this wild ride.

con abrazos,

S. Marie


3 responses to “Amen, Sister!

  1. Sounds like a fun-fillled weekend! Don’t spend all you dow at Le Garage. Save $8 to attend Friday’s show at Stubb’s! 🙂

  2. YA!!!! Thanks for posting, little lady. Um, also – STYLING SOLDIER THREAD? That is so awesome! Congrats, woman! Take pictures please so I can see how they kill it. By which I mean wear their clothes.

  3. Hey, wait…I’m missing Le Garage AGAIN?! OK, forget the whistle – surprise me with something so absolutely fantastic from there that it’ll break your heart to send it to me – but do send it.

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