hiiiiii-yot : that’s a karate chop and the word hot

Maybe you did know and maybe you didn’t.

I’ve always had a secret desire to be a photographer. It started when my father started taking me on his adventures. My excitement would be brimming as he brought out his Nikon and blue Jansport that carried all his gear. We would go out on hikes or visit the animals at the zoo. He would go on and on talking to me about what he was doing,  I would nod my head pretending to know what he was talking about.  I would stare in awe as he carefully changed to shoot with his telephoto lens. Pretty soon I was bringing my own camera – the old rectangular model that used 110 film.

My camera obsession has never really died down. I’m still working on getting lessons to develop my own film in my tub. I’ve recently acquired a DSLR and I’m loving it. Feels good to have a camera in hand. To shoot, upload and almost instantly stare at the afternoon’s happenings. I’m shooting everything. I decided to get creative in showing my new shoes with a styled photo session. Hope you enjoy.


2 responses to “hiiiiii-yot : that’s a karate chop and the word hot

  1. I can really relate to this. My grandmother used to be a photography teacher. I learned how to develop film in a darkroom several years ago and while I would never probably take it up again, the experience was so different than just taking it to the store or uploading to the computer. I felt closer to the photos, as if I had wholly created everything about them.
    Great shoes, by the way!
    Take care.

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