peacocks envy : part ii

I’m working on a project right now that is conjuring up images of peacocks ( . . . Arctic ocean storms, too – but that’s another post).  Peacocks are such sensual looking creatures.  Blacks, greens, turquoise, and blues that I imagine you can only find in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.   So dreamy and absolutely stunning.  There is something about a peacock that makes me hold my breath.  To hold onto that feeling, that magical moment of falling in love and not wanting to disrupt the moment.

I love the possibility of mixing the “hot” color of the season, turquoise, with a more traditional color, like green.  Using an unexpected color combination makes an outfit look so . . . current.   I found myself wearing a peacock inspired color combi  as I strolled out after my mid-day change of clothes . . .  feeling invigorated and fresh on a beautiful spring afternoon.  And later still,  it was to my surprise that I found it Right There in Front of Me,  Green .  . . . on some of the most influential people in fashion.  Feeling the wave?

via Erik Veland (flickr)


One response to “peacocks envy : part ii

  1. I just saw these photos last night! I love the colors of peacocks- emerald green especially. In fact, my logo for “Taylor Moseley” was inspired by the colors of peacocks. I’ll send it to you; it was just completed. White peacocks are also very beautiful and super stunning. Did you know that peacocks mate for life? They are monogamous. 🙂

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