from the dailies: little red riding who?

I dubbed autumn of ’09 “The Fall of the Boot“. Surprise, Surprise! Boots are in and they are here to stay. Fall 2010 footwear preview lines are trickling in with robust collections of gorgeous gorgeous boots. High ones, low ones, hidden platforms, and flat riders, there will be one for every personality and mood change come fall 2010. Here are two different styles that I’m gaga in love. The first, have made several appearances on the colours marie website, my sweet little riders. So classic and timeless. They add instant charm and dress any old pair of leggings up in a flash. When I’d rather be wearing Uggs, I put these babies on. Poyfect and put together!

The second are part of my newest collection – I have two more boots to show in the coming weeks (I know I went a little overboard, but then again, what is new?). These little babies have a heel and a really interesting almost marbled look to the leather. I wasn’t too crazy about them when I initially saw them last February but when they hit the floors for the fall season, I thought to myself “What was I thinking?” My second thought was “I have to have these.” And Viola! I got them.

I know I’m not the only gal in Austin that is boot crazy. So I’m throwing it back on y’all. Send in a picture of your favorite pair of boots. I want to see!

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5 responses to “from the dailies: little red riding who?

  1. LOVE the boots! I’m actually not a big fan of boots- I have yet to find a pair that fits my calves correctly. I love the way you can take a simple outfit and take it to another level with some unique boots. Love your looks!!

  2. You are so unbelievable fashionable! I love both of those boots. They complete the outfit. And the sweater is awesome. I dont lie.

    only picture i have of my feet swellers….errr…boots. I dont even know if this pic post will work. It’s worth a shot.


  3. This is going to sound crazy, but UPS lost my favorite pair of boots. I accidentally left them in Montana and when my nana shipped them to surprise me for my birthday in April, the boots were missing from the package. They were red Durangos and I had bought them when I was 14 for $100, marked down from $400 for Rodeo Week. This was when I was making only $5.50 an hour, so at the time it was probably the biggest purchase I ever made.
    I wore them to every rodeo I went to for the next three years (dated someone that was a bullrider), so I miss them for their memories and their style. They soaked up boot leather dye real well, and they fit perfectly.
    My nana gave me her vintage Tony Lamas (riding boots circa 1960s) last summer, to make up for it, and I love them but it’s just not the same.
    I’ll have to send you a pic of the Tony Lamas and the Durangos (if I can find a good one).
    Take care!

  4. Allison – I made an edit to the post – I’ll remember next time to put a link!

    Slavetofashion – The boot world is listening to those exact requests! There are loads of cute styles that are coming with tulip like shafts that expand and contract according to the wearer’s calves! It’s a common complaint about boots. Another option is shoe-ties. Those little babies are coming up on the website. 😉

    Taryn – I LOVE THOSE BOOTS. Western style boots are going to make a strong trend in the upcoming seasons. Bummer to hear that they are so uncomfortable as well. You may try taking them to a shoe store with a rubbing bar. Many times the leather can be stretched in the key areas that are needed. I know of a store that could help you out. I’ll get in touch with you about that!

    Chelsea – Ack! So sorry to hear about your loss. I can sympathize with you, I recently lost my first pair of boots that I owned. I think I may have accidentally donated them to goodwill. I’m hoping they are boxed up somewhere and waiting to be found. Don’t give up! I’ve been scouring the vintage stores for something like it. And better yet, I may just find something better! Make some new memories with your boots – they also have a very lovely story.

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