ombre on hair

Confession : I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to my hair color.  Aside from the occasional wash-out color worn in high school and a highlight job done by Jennifer Aniston’s hairdresser when the whole “Rachel” ‘do was popular, my mane has been pretty much tame.

I have recently become obsessed with hair color.  I’ve decided I want to go for it in a big way.  What perchance could have changed my view?  The Ombre Hair Color Trend.  I originally saw this on The Sartorialist at one of the Paris shows.  She was a toehead with ombre accents of electric blue.  It changed my world.   Recently, it was featured on whowhatweardaily.  This hair trend normally fades from dark to light.  Occasionally this looks good.  Most often it looks like what it is, a root grow out.   I finally resolved to what I believe to be true.  Little blondies can pull this look off better.  *sigh*


the dark side of ombre

On a trip down to Houston a girlfriend of mine was rocking the Ombre Hair trend, *ahem* my brunette friend.  And it looked good, really good.   The extra long locks really emphasized the tonal change.  And today, I have hope for my ombre future.


3 responses to “ombre on hair

  1. I’ve had a small obsession with Ombre hair since High School. I knew a guy who tried to bleach his hair, but he had this great thick black, black hair and the final result looked like a fireball. It was golden/white on top and faded into that orange-y color that poorly bleached dark hair becomes. But it looked fantastic.

    I think you should go for it. 🙂

  2. I think you should go for it too, Stephanie. Experimenting with hair color is SO fun, and an experience every gal should have once in their life. 🙂

    Also, I wonder how much a role Gisele played in the ombre hair trend? That beachy, carefree, grown-out roots thing she always has going on….I like it, too.

    Do you know what? Now that we’re out of the 2000s, which had a lot of plastic surgery/perfect roots/bleached teeth going on, I hope we swing back to a messier, grungier time, a la the 90s. I’m ready for fashion/beauty trends to be a little unkempt!

    Anyway, back to the main point: I think you’ll look fab girl. I love love my colorist if you don’t already have somebody.

  3. Yes for the unkempt looks!! So tres chic! So french! So time saving, too!

    I do not have a colorist, although I must confess. My biggest concern is the wedding. I want to have long beautiful rich healthy hair for the wedding (this October). 1. How fast can my hair grow after I chop off the bleached blonde? That is THE ONLY THING holding this ombre obsessed lady from cutting loose and going for it!!!

    Hrmmm . . . Dear Hair, Please grow quickly, I want to bleach you.
    Tolly, let me see if I can muster up some courage – or go back through photos to see how long I have to grow. I may be calling upon your stylists services. ❤

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