because it’s hard to say goodbye to Christmas in Austin (a SHOP787 archive photo post)

I’ve decided to go for a Christmas image photostream.  Heck yea.  Because I’m looking at my sad little Christmas tree that still wants to shine brightly through the night.  And because other Austin restaurants, boutiques, homes and more still have their decorations out, too.  And because I need to post these rad photos from SHOP787.  I know, I’m a little late.

A very talented photographer and a friend from my days at Dolce Vita, Nadia from Full Tilt Photography, wanted to buzz along and catch the ride while we strolled through Shop787.  The only gloom about the day was the weather.  I had a kicking time with Nadia and the coloursmarie Shop787/Marnie Bugs giveaway winner Adrienne.  LOVELY TIME.

Annie Ray hard at work

Numero 2: Fult Tilt Photographer Nadia, colour marie Stephanie & Launch787/colours marie giveaway winner Adrienne

a little Tito's and shopping never hurt anyone, right?

Is it because I'm a footwear buyer that these little kittens amuse me so much?

ridiculously needs to be in my closet

slave to fashion, a twitter friend. our first meeting. I love her.

gorg sweaters at Bella Maui

Look mom, I stepped in dog poop.

I had a FANTASTIC 2009.   Thanks for sharing this year with me.  New friends and old, we are on the road to adventure in 2010.



+ full tilt photography

+ launch787

+ marnie bugs


3 responses to “because it’s hard to say goodbye to Christmas in Austin (a SHOP787 archive photo post)

  1. Aww, our first meeting! I had so much fun that day. It’s been great getting to know you. Looking forward to more good times in 2010!

  2. dude, i almost forgot about all the cool stuff we saw that day. . .i’ll have to remember the next time i’m out shopping.

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