Merry Christmas. It’s a family tradition.

Howdy from Boston!  I thought I would share some digi-cam photos of my family’s holiday traditions.  I only get to see them once a year.  It’s a fast paced holiday season with all the traveling but well worth it to have a white Christmas.

FIRST TRADITION for me is to look at least quasi-cute.  I know, you’re not supposed to care what you look like on Christmas morning, but I do.  My mama started this tradition off by getting the family pajama sets as a teenager.  I guess it’s snowballed a little from there.

This Christmas I sported my cashmere dress with my new merino wool tights – Uber-warm might I add.  I chuckle to myself all day long because it feels like I’m wearing feetie pajamas in public.  Ahhh!  Go out and get yourself a pair, I  promise you’ll never go back to regular stockings in the winter again!

BREAKFAST STOCKINGS. One of the biggest traditions is opening the stockings while a big pot of coffee and oooey goooey cinnamon buns are being made.  The Christmas stocking originally started because my parents were tired (literally) of getting my 4 a.m. wake up calls on the big day.  What can I say, it’s the one time of year I’m an early riser.  This year we started the day off past 10 a.m.  I guess some traditions are meant to be broken!

MY FAVORITE FAMILY TRADITION is taking time for Christmas morning.  Every gift is opened one at a time.  What makes the tradition special is the fact that whatever gift is opened needs to be tried on, played with, or modeled depending on the item received!  Our Christmas morning lasts and lasts.  A few years ago my sister and I FELL ASLEEP during the process.  It’s so funny – Dad tries on his Christmas sweaters, Mom tries on the newest earrings that Santa sent, and my sister and I prance around in the newest frocks that Mom got us.

THE NEWEST TRADITION started this year is BIG and will last a lifetime.  I GOT ENGAGED TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!  I’m very excited, I’ve been waiting patiently for three years + a year of courting for this.  Yes, I said courting.  I made Mr.D wait 8 months to kiss me.  I’m a closet prude, what can I say.  After 3 (4 if you’re asking him – he insists that he knew he would marry me the day that we met) we are no longer girlfriend/boyfriend.  I’m loving life right now.

I know this isn’t so much of a style post but I wanted to share a very special time with everyone.  I hope everyone had a great holiday!



{EDIT: This post is late!  Obviously.  But I wanted to share anyways! 1/3}


4 responses to “Merry Christmas. It’s a family tradition.

  1. uhhhh ammmmahhzzzinnng. 2010 is going to RULLLEEE.
    ring=gorg. hope i can see it in person soooooooooonish 🙂

    i also love the new blog re-design

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