from the dailies: how to grocery

Offended by the articles written about getting rid of anything in the closet that hasn’t been worn in 6 months. I have never worn this jacket before this evening out in public for real.  Okay, to expand on that thought, I often walk my dog in this coat.  It’s from the 70’s or 80’s from a friend’s mama!  It’s 100% cashmere with mink collar and wristlets.  I’m absolutely in love with it.  I prance around the house in this jacket.  I have a dress with a mink bust line that I often pair with it (in the house).  I’ve only worn the dress once for Valentine’s Day, ONCE!

NEVER GET RID OF THE CLOTHES YOU LOVE NO MATTER WHAT!! Find a way to store those beauties!  They are once in a lifetime opportunities to live in and share with your loved ones.  Pass it down baby!  Such a reason to take care of the clothing you purchase.

Today I wore this to the grocery store.  It was amazing.  I fell in love with this jacket all over again.  We were in the milk and butter aisle.  Dang it can get cold in there.

And yes, I am holding a glass of champagne.  In a mink coat. Going grocery shopping.

Much love (don’t throw away the gems),

Stephanie Marie


6 responses to “from the dailies: how to grocery

  1. holla. nobody ever said it was against the law to grocery shop in style!

  2. i have died and gone to coat heaven!

    if it just happenes to go missing one day, it wasn’t me……………………………………

  3. i have stuff i have never worn, stuff i only have worn once, i won’t get rid of anything because they are like collectors art pieces and they make me happy to just own.
    maybe, maybe i’ll let my daughter have them one day if he proves herself fashionworthy when she is older….

  4. AMEN! I have this sherling coat that I bought ages ago at a thrift store, and didn’t wear it forever because it was slightly too “mountain woman” for me. And then, when it got to be like 15 degrees here in Austin last week, I whipped that bad boy out, paired it with a dress and girly tights and BOOM! Mountain chic = achieved. (Sort of. But I was warm, an uncommon feat with tights.)

    Anyway, it had been sitting in my closet for years, and I’m so glad I never 86’d it at Buffalo Exchange. So I echo your cry! Hang onto the special stuff!

    You look di-vine in this coat, dahling. Did you happen to wear this to H-E-B? Once, before a date (a LONG time ago), I only had 5 minutes to get ready and was on the road – so I stopped in H-E-B, headed for the bathroom, changed out of yoga teacher garb and walked out in a dress and clutch!! Haha. It’s cool to be fancy at H-E-B.

  5. My thoughts exactly–if you truly love an item and it’s one of those classic, everlasting items, by all means keep it until it’s worn ragged.
    Great post!

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