a re-emergence of style

I have had several conversations about the driving factor behind colours marie.  The simple answer is a capital “Q” for quality.  I’m not talking about the most expensive or premium label brands.  Many times I find these labels are rather whore-ish about their name sake licensing out their brand to any company’s product.

I strongly believe I vote with my dollars.  I support my community with thoughtful purchases.  I do not like throwaway clothing or make up or furniture.

I will never buy a singer’s clothing line or actress’ leggings. Period.  Sorry LiLo.

I came across an article today about menswear in the  NYT and found a quote that I just had to share about the re-emergence of style.

“The fashion gene skipped a generation,” said Samuel Rascoff, 36, a law professor at New York University who specializes in national security law and who, being a fastidious dresser, has given serious thought to the trend, which he sees reflected in his students.

“There’s a sense that this return to style, or to a consciousness of how you look, is an attempt by young men to recover a set of values that were at one point very much present in American society and then lost,” he said. “It strikes me as being of a piece with the way young people buy their coffee or their food: paying attention to authenticity or quality, and to whether something is organic or local. They stand for a rejection of the idea that all consumer goods are ephemeral and inevitably made in China and bought at Wal-Mart.”

I’m on this wave and loving it.  I’m proud to lead by example.

+ badass NYT article


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