E A S T 2009 • a concentrated dose of east side art


this is matt, he is a bonafide badass

The East Austin Studio Tour is full of creative badasses like photographer Matt Wright-Steel, creative collaborative Sodalitas and masters of glass Rejina Thomas over at Graphic Glass. The past several years I have found another MUST SEE artist or studio to tack onto my list. This time I’m getting smart and will ride my White Unicorn around the east side. I highly advise this type of transportation – there will be a lack of parking spots and more importantly, it’s a great excuse to get off your ass and enjoy the gorgeous day. It’s going to be 81 degrees – I just looked it up. [edit] oooh- looks like a little cold snap is working it’s way through central Texas. Throw a vest on and let’s do this anyways!

Bring some cash, get ready to drink some beer and make friends! If you’re one of those people who don’t like art, go anyways, there’s lots of people watching and live music. You never know who you know that loves to make art.

+E.A.S.T. 2009


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