A Who’s Who: Fashion Lounge 2009 + ATX Bleet-up


The stars were aligned for the most amazing night.

Fashion Lounge 2009 was already in full swing by the time I arrived.  One could have easily walked out of Maria Maria Cantina with a head to toe makeover – Leather handbags, totes, belts and bracelets from Marnie Bugs, rockin’ jewelry from Taylor Moseley and Eliza Page, unmentionables provided by Teddies for Bettys and a new found respect on life from the onhand ashiatsu massage from Massage Harmony.

I finally laid my little hands on the necklace I won from Taylor Moseley’s giveaway at Estilo.  I had it on for five minutes before someone else wanted to purchase it.  It was an amazing five minutes.  I gave it up – because I’m selfless like that.  Ce la vie.

ATX Bleet UP – I don’t even know where to begin.   Ran into my favorite crazy ladies – maisquared, Pink Sun drops, maybecupcakesheartsintexas, & polkadotsatx.  Took some rocking photos.  Think I ran into ATXHipsters – there was never a confirmation on this . . . as I stood creating an awkward silence.  My gameface was on and eventually received a smile.  It was pretty much amazing. Flitted around to Better Than the Van folks – Todd and Scott – my cheeks were in pain after the amount of smiling and laughing from the twenty minutes of catch up.  Totally spotted and remembered Adrienne from the first Bleet-Up – score for the both of us and our rocking networking skillz.  Yeah, that’s right, I spelled skillz and I’m proud of it . . .  A friendly introduction to Bird Fly Good, too.  Lovely gal.

An award should go to Lyssa from this is life in austin.  Totally smoking hot and ready in 30 minutes.  No wonder she got to cover Runway to Heaven.  Jealous?  A little.  🙂   We talked about fashion & life in Austin (go figure), the awesomeness  that is The Austin Post, and ancient old techniques of networking – it’s called BE FRIENDLY.  I’ve got nothing but love for Lyssa, she was the first person to give me props on my blog and a chance to shout from the rooftops via Austin Post.  A welcomed interruption by the name of Caleb + crew brought his fine behind and interviewed us for his website Caleb Does.   Before I knew it, Tolly from Austin Eavesdropper was on stage looking like the minx that she is and thanking everyone for coming.  No, no, THANK YOU TOLLY!

And to my excitement sweet props from twitter folks that were lost in the sea of bloggers, Hipsterkrit and I decided that crown and tiaras were a must have for distinguishability.  (I will use any excuse to wear a tiara.)

Le sigh.  I went dancing after all this at my favorite hole in the wall and exhausted myself before the weekend began.  I’ve been going on and on about the friendliness and awesomeness that are the people behind their twitter handles and blogs.  I don’t think the night could have been better.

It was a busy weekend – Fashion Leak x Buy Definition (plus Megan Summerville from Sew Sister) & SHOP787.  While writing this post my mac gave me the message of death with the “clean your hard drive or I will make your life hell” so instead of posting more I will be cleaning off my hard drive.  I love you all and until the next time . . .




9 responses to “A Who’s Who: Fashion Lounge 2009 + ATX Bleet-up

  1. Hey little lady. Thanks for the shout out! It was absolutely lovely to meet you as well 🙂

  2. Stephanie….STEPHANIE! This post is so amazing and cute, I just Twittered it!!! I foresee a girls date with you, me, and Lyssa. Take this virtual friendship to the next level why don’t we. Whaddaya say?

  3. This makes me SO SAD that I missed this event (totally should have cancelled my vacay!) I am seriously jealous right now… of the fashion I missed out on, the great crowd I didn’t get to meet, and most of all, how incredibly adorable you look in the famous Cory Ryan photobooth!! Lesson learned… never miss a bleet-up. 🙂

  4. It was so nice meeting you at the Bleet-up. Thanks for the shout-out! I hope we can hang out again soon.

  5. You are so amazing! Great post, and thanks for all the love. Tolly, I’m in on the virtual threesome … can you believe GG?!

  6. Tolly – Yes for girls dates! Thanks for the LOVE!

    Camille – Your adventures look well worth it! SO cute with your outfits in the park. But yes, we missed you at the Bleet-up – and in the Cory Ryan Photobooth, too!

    Jackie – I’m sure if you keep hanging with the social girls we will def rub elbows sooner than later!

    Lyssa – Thanks for the good conversation, I needed it!

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