Marnie Bugs + SHOP787 Giveaway

Sweetening the Giveaway

Last night, while attending Fashion Lounge 2009 at Maria Maria I was fortunate enough to steal a moment from Marnie Cooper and talk about her collection of leather goods.  Her latest additions to her growing collection are a series of cuff bracelets that accessorize with her handbags and totes.  Marnie Bugs has the most to-die for buttery-soft leathers! You have to feel it to believe it, I kid you not.

Marnie will be showcasing her goods at the SHOP787 event this Sunday.     We got to talking and before I knew it, she offered to sweeten the deal for the SHOP787/colours marie giveaway with this rocking pleated black suede cuff!

Enter to WIN!

1. Become a fan of colours marie on facebook.

2. Write on the wall and leave a message that says why you want to attend SHOP787.

3. You have been entered for a raffle giveaway that will be drawn at 3 p.m. Friday (that’s today)!

Marnie Bugs Pleated Suede Cuff – a retail value of $75

A BIG thanks to Marnie for this awesome cuff!


3 responses to “Marnie Bugs + SHOP787 Giveaway

  1. That is a sweet bracelet. I love it’s relaxed rock and roll vibe. Looks like a piece that you could wear over and over~

  2. Hi Stephanie! That was so much fun last night and the photo looks great. To see a full range of cuffs check us out at, or if you are local in Austin all our collections are available at Girl Next Door in the 2nd Street District.
    …..Anyway got to thinking this a.m. about “the can’t wear no wool delima” we talked about and what about Cashmere, I have a super thin cashmere sweater that I can layer under a corduroy jacket with a pashmina and stay warm in the bitter cold. I know it’s a wool but it’s a luxuriant wool that typically not itchy.

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