Estilo Hosts the (successful) Taylor Moseley Debut Trunk Show

photoTrunk show success!

Stephanie Coultress, owner of Estilo, was in the midst of picking out some drop earrings for a girlfriend in need when I stepped into the boutique at the beginning of the night.  An unintentional “oooh” popped out between my lips as she turned her head to look at me.  She was already the owner of some sexy threaders that were picked up earlier in the night.  Thumbs up for that look.

The entire night was a blast.  The Taylor Moseley Jewelry Debut brought out a more interesting cross section of Austin that I had recently seen.  Bloggers, wardrobe stylists, architects, businessmen & even a screen writer that had just come in from Norway were just a handful of the people I met.  As seen in the photo, the boutique filled up with patrons who perused the shop to look at jewelry and clothing.


The designs of Taylor Moseley are a breath of fresh air.  The modern woman should take advantage of the phrase “less is more” every now and again.  The precious and semi precious stones used in the line are used as an accent to the design and not necessarily the centerpiece.  That, my dear, is a good piece of jewelry.  Take for instance the Aventurine and Emerald Necklace, the very nature of the necklace draws the eye toward the stunning piece of adventurine and then back up again with asymmetrical placing of the smaller emeralds.


Other Estilo exclusives were a set of brushed 24K cameo’s.  Delicate as all get out.  Please pass the pink, these necklaces make me squirm with delight for being a girl.  When dainty doesn’t fit into the lifestyle equation (Hey, we’ve all been there and I don’t judge) there are some knockouts that would make Cleopatra smile.  The Solar Quartz on Chunky Hammered Necklace would fit the bill on that one.  Covered all over with the jewelers signature style, the solar quartz piece is perfect by itself or layered with other necklaces.

My favorite piece has to be the Gold Plated Leaf with Black Rough Cut Diamonds.  The stars must have been aligned because I won the giveaway from the evening!!!!  (ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HURRAY!)  Allison and I are in the process of getting together for a ladies lunch when both of our schedules slow down, but be prepared dear readers to see me rocking this piece out!!!  +p.s. I totally have a pic of this necklace – but I’m going to make you wait – because I have to wait and that just seems fair.

photo 3




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One response to “Estilo Hosts the (successful) Taylor Moseley Debut Trunk Show

  1. I think you are able to describe my jewelry better than I am. 🙂 Thanks for the great review.

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