fall of the boot

Picture 1LETTER FROM A READER: this is a weird question, but i figured if anyone would know it would be you.

i don’t wear boots, but i happened to buy a pair the other day and i’m not entirely certain how to utilize them.

they are beige-y, mid-calf and kind of scrunchy with a heel.

i figure i can easily wear them with tights and a skirt or short dress. . .but with pants and jeans. . .i’m not sure about tucking/not tucking.

what are your thoughts on short-ish boots?

I love booties and I love shooties.

I absolutely love this question.  I’m a huge advocate of the boot this year and am more than happy to share styling tips to get any minx into this look.  Wonders of the internet were able to supply a picture of the boot.  The actual colored purchased sounds completely on trend.  Beige and nudes will be big again in spring so it’s a perfect investment for at least the next 9 months.  The examples I have given all use denim but can be interchanged with trousers, tweeds and sometimes even chino material- this depends on the cut.  Search for complimentary tonal palettes or even spring for the monochromatic look, if feeling dramatic.

Riders, motorcycle and western boots are just a few of the styles that are topping the trends this season.  The Juice* to this look is easy – show the glorious detailing and what great taste you have by a quick tuck, cuff or roll.

Use the tuck to create a clean and powerful message.  The tuck is the most serious of the looks in my mind.  The boot is exclusively on display and for all the world to see.  Keep the silhouette form fitting, western button-ups or deep v’s for the top and the best pair of bootie jeans that you’ve got hiding in that closet.  If the bottom of the jean is a wide or bootcut leg take the extra fabric starting at the bottom of the calf and pull away from the leg.  Place the other hand on the inside of the calf and tightly fold the extra fabric over the hand; this should be towards your toes.  This fold will create a bunch-less transition from jean to boot.

Feeling laid back?  Pair an oversized neutral colored sweater with a pair of boyfriend jeans and cuff those babies up.  How high to cuff is entirely open to possibility.  The texture that is created by the slouching of leather can work for a length of denim that shows a peek of the boot or sits at the top of the shaft.  Soften the bulk by creating clean and even rolls in the jean. Flatten the cuff until it’s almost somewhat creased.  It’s small details like this that keep an oversized sweater and jeans from looking frumpy.  Add an accent belt to the natural waist and step out in serious style.

The roll is all about fun.  Take a sheer loose fitting tunic and match with a pair of distressed skinny jeans.  Roll the jeans up to just at or above the boot.  Add a pair of colored trouser socks that packs a punch for the festivities.   The hint of color that flashes while walking and kicking those gams around will be sure to keep a smile on your face all night long.  Add a shrunken jacket to keep those chilly nights at bay.

The tuck, cuff and roll should keep any pair of boots looking fresh and up to date.  Add the options of dresses and wool tights and suddenly it may seem like those boots are finally getting the attention they deserve.

*The Juice – a term used frequently to describe the goods, the meat, the downlow info, get my drift?


Stephanie Marie


3 responses to “fall of the boot

  1. thank you! i am old enough to have gone through tight-rolling my jeans in the 80’s. . .so, i think that trend might be too much for me. . .but a clean cuff at the top of the boot is great advice. you’re the best.

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