Mana Culture grand opening

in-between a polynesian beach party and a city soiree


My intention of going to the Mana Culture grand opening was only to check the goods out on Taylor Moseley.  My lack of expectations were quickly blown away as I stepped into the house of an eclectic and bountiful jewelry selection.  It didn’t hurt that boutique owner, Jahnavi, along with Charity Bash, could throw a cultural soiree that transported guests to somewhere in-between a Polynesian beach bash and a swanky supper club from Mana Culture’s very own backyard.  International act DJ, el John Selector, catapulted by the infamous Thievery Corporation, pulled the A-game lounge card that made for a lovely evening of conversation and entertainment.

ornateHosting both local and international artisans, the converted house on S. 1st Street uses themes to display jewelry and accessory collections into one of 3 main spaces used by the boutique.

Tucked in the side room one can find a series of necklaces, earrings and bracelets inspired by designs similar to those dating back to 2500 B.C. in the Middle East.  The pairing of modern trends like fresh water pearls and braided ribbon bring this collection up to date and ready to wear for any special occasion.

Karen Tribe

I have to note the amount of women who walked out of the shop newly styled and satisfied customers.  The Conservative Button-up left the boutique with an embroidered pair of boots that were TO DIE FOR and would surely become a staple to her wardrobe.   The free spirited wanderer walked away with a new pair of hand carved bone earrings to gift to a friend that sparked a heart warming gesture.

There must have been a feeling in the air, because before I knew it I was the new owner of a piece that makes me proud to wear.  I couldn’t resist a sterling silver ring hand woven by the Karen tribe of Thailand.  It’s a fair trade piece that empowers women and their communities.

Mana Culture provides a niche for a cross culture that is aware of action and consequence. The crowd was a perfect compliment to the primal blend of goods. The night was fantastic, my only regret was that it ended so soon.  I met some fantastic and very talented women who are dressing, accessorizing & contributing to the lifestyle of the Austin woman.

+ Mana Culture | website | flickr


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