Gilt Groupe adds iPhone App.

Gilt Groupe Photo

It is the answer to all my prayers.

If you’ve ever tried to buy something on Gilt you know that it is a time sensitive issue.  A particular James Perse boatneck  pocketed cashmere number I had been hunting for months appeared on Gilt one fantastic morning.  In the time that I scrolled back up from the bottom of the page to buy this dream number it had been purchased.  I went into a deep depression for about a week.

Time is of the essence – when the clock strikes 11 (central standard time for the Gilt Groupe issue) – you better have your hand on the mouse and ready to click into action.  There are several brands that are sold out a mere five minutes after the “doors” open.

It is today that I am happy to announce the unveiling of the iPhone App.  With push notifications that alert the user to the start of the sale, a woman on the go can easily excuse herself and iPhone her way into a new wardrobe with the touch of a thumb.


+ Gilt iPhone App

and for the one’s who don’t have an invitation yet:


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