Heirloom Riders

SUPER STOKED about my new riders from Ariat Int’l.  Ariat is an authentic riding company that uses the latest technology to reign supreme on comfort and craftsmanship.
photo 5

Boots are huge for Fall ’09!

Great for skinnier jeans and wool tights with little skirts.  The Over-the-Knee’s are gorgeous but I’m looking for something that will last a lifetime.  It’s taken several years to find the exact pair I have wanted – complementary to black and brown and a good hardware that will go with most of my wardrobe.  The leather is little buttah, one feel and you know it’s going to look better after a few travels and some years.  I have worn them a few times already during the cold snap days and they are ridiculously comfortable.  The shaft of the boot is fits with a little room around the calf – I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but it turns out to look great with leggings, too!  With a spectrum of styles to choose from this year – I would love to see what others are choosing to wear . . . perhaps a photo montage in the near future?

photo 2


3 responses to “Heirloom Riders

  1. Allison – those are Gorgeous. I love the wide ankle too – perfect for the sheer stockings and thin socks that go so well with everything right now. LAMB adds some serious height – which I think that ladies like you and I can appreciate!

    Are they wish list or do you really think you will get them? I would love to see them up close and personal at your Estilo event if so!

  2. Man, how i would LOVE to wear these to my show! I’m irresponsibly considering it, but at $400, I think I’ll wait. Maybe if my trunk show is a success, I’ll snatch these up afterwards! My size always sells out fast- 5 1/2. But, yes, i am totally picturing them with sheer stockings!

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