c o m f o r t a b l e • c o l o r


I’m a big fan of vibrant accessories.

I have a giant dark blue purse or a grey tote for my everyday carry all.  Inside of the bag I carry for the day holds a red or orange clutch.  One may often find me with one, a combination of two and sometimes on a very active day, all four.  Granted, these are days for multiple changes, but a girl has got to have options.  I know, it’s ridiculous – the changing multiple times in a day part, not the options.

My shoe collection has a mind of its own and has no time or want to coordinate with the favorite bag.  The colors: silver, gold, white, green,  red, black and yellow, gold tapestry, hot pink . . . However, not many people are like me.  Most women buy brown and black (and a little red, if we’re really talking about trends here).  Yet I constantly hear the “ooohs and ahhhs” of styles that use colors like seagull grey (almost blue), metallic – bronze, copper, gold and silver, or fabric treatments like lace.  I’m here to be the little bird that whispers “Go for it!”

There are two things to consider when embarking on the journey in the saturated world of Rainbow-ville Colourland.  Each of these considerations will help to eventually get over the hang-ups for hiding that INNER BOLDNESS.


No. 1   pick a brave day and take a bite.

This will be the day that you will acquire that color.  Every girl has it, that one color that  has jumped out of the seasonal trends and after your heart.  Spring ’09 sent me for a neon fever.  There were dresses and skirts and large Prada bags I scoped out, but none fit the idea of what I was seeking.  And  then suddenly, I found the orange clutch.   I knew in an instance it was the perfect amount of POP.  Although small, it packs a bite – and that’s all I needed, just a bite.  This little hint of trend always cheers me up.  It’s been the perfect little bag to update my classic style of a pair of jeans and a variation on a white t.


No. 2  mix the fabrics, match the hardware

This is the secret.  Take a look at the inventory of your bags, belts & jewelry – and pair the metals together in groups.  These are now in their wearable families.  Not every piece will work with the next but there will be very obvious pairs that look wonderful and tie a look together.  There may be some insights to a particular trend emerging, too.  Personally, I like a distressed metal – I think that it adds a textural element and provides a little room to wiggle when wardrobe hardware pieces don’t exactly match.  My favorite piece for this season is my Esther Design multi-chain necklace I’m wearing in the photo.  I like to think of it as a little metal rainbow around my neck.  It’s perfect and goes with everything.  The versatility of a piece like this is an invaluable asset to anyone interested in building a long lasting wardrobe.

go ahead, take a bite and get ready for a ride.  today is just a bite but who knows what tomorrow will bring.


stephanie marie


2 responses to “c o m f o r t a b l e • c o l o r

  1. I thought I was the only one with what my friends affectionately call the “sub-purse.” It’s the little bold one inside the big bold one when I just want to leave the office for coffee or I’m out for the night. It has some baht, my phone (in case I’m needed for an ESL emergency–never), and my passport/work permit in case I get hit by some random motorcycle. AND, it’s cute and it’s Thai. What more does an old lady need?

  2. Have I told you that you’re amazing?!? “SUBPURSE” and so it was named. Every smart woman on the go has too much of a life to fit into a clutch! Purse + Subpurse = ❤


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