Tribeza STYLEWEEK Day 2: Downtown Openhouse

DTOHThe rain had me wondering about what the turn out was going to be like for STYLEWEEK 2009, who would ever have guessed First Day of Autumn was going to be a cool 72 degrees and slighty misting.  Last night was the same story, it really was a perfect setting for the celebration of the latest fall shipments.

During a brief clearing in between the rain showers Mr. D and I caught the most incredible sunset.  The reflection of this celestial sky was mirrored in the frost building that made the street scene almost look surreal.  This formally  sleepy little area of Austin has been waking up and growing up as fast as they can build.  The fresh rain was giving it a pretty slick look to it’s fresh and youthful appeal.

The boutiques that we visited continued that theme for the night – fresh, vibrant and slated towards big ideas.  There is a certain air of creativity and appeal to challenge the status quo here in Austin.  Whether it is  the Soco chic or the more costumery hipsters of the Hyde Park area, we have a tendency to give it a twist and make it our own.  One could see very quickly that the new downtown carried a similar independent voice.


Eliza Page provided warm and inviting presentations of their vast array of jewelry lines (including some personal favorite picks from Maslo Designs and ila & i).   Elizabeth from Eliza Page was a great host and made sure everyone was feeling welcome and kept telling us that we should stay for awhile – she can make a pretty mean vodka and soda I might add too!  It took a good 45 minutes of navigating the crowd to get a good look at the selection.  Bring a notepad and a pen, there are several designers that you are going to want to jot down.  *Lesson learned for all those who have been asking about “who does that”.   I did manage to get Urban Posh’s name – looking good too!  Nice entry level price points for the gal who is starting to make more of a jewelry collection.  The thing I love about Urban Posh is the versatility of the pieces.  They are modern without screaming too mod and trendy by using classic shapes to warrant “LIFER” status for some of their designs.


Traipsing around the shops was done with ease and of course I fell in love with pieces here and there – Shiki has some great scarves that feel like air next to the skin.  Definitely saw some tye-dye love over there.  Shiki is great boutique if you love silks and flowing fabrics.  So soft to touch – I made Mr. D run his hands across the racks explaining that “this is what it’s like to be a girl”.  Ahhhh, Shiki always carries a great jewelry selection too – you may remember my Fiona Paxton Explosion of Love.  I took some photos of the most delicate necklaces I have ever seen, but the photos were too dark to relay the magic of their look.  I’m talking about tiny constellations that orbit around the best part of a woman – her neck.  I’m melting just thinking about them.  The greatest thing about Shiki is their enthusiasm about trying it on, they’re always offering to open the cases to “play with the jewelry”.  I would highly recommend  doing so.

– Miss Behave is INSANE and the boutique deserves a post of it’s own.  *Note to self, must e-mail for an interview pronto.  –

. . . And then there was Estilo to finish off the night.  Freaking awesome boutique, quintessential racks suspended in midair.  Got to love the racks that move with you.   I’m going to let this dress speak for the end of the night.  Tribeza DOWNTOWN OPENHOUSE, I will be back next year.



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