Last night marked the kick off to Tribeza’s Annual STYLEWEEK here in Austin, Texas.  The models wore striking jewel toned colors showcased by many boutiques including Adelante, Estilo and Miss Behave.  I was especially impressed by high waisted trousers that Miss Behave had strutting down the runway.  With the six inch heels I was wearing last night, I think I could actually pull it off.

The Garden Room and by george, while also showing strong color, featured clothing in ethereal colors and unique silhouettes with a more calming backdrop of greys, blues and taupes.  The impressive factor was seeing fresh fall fashions that were hardly a take on a look that is seen over and over again at NYFW or LFW.  This was true Austin style that set the bar high while staying within reach of the laidback lifestyle that this town provides.

Keepers was impressive with their selection of menswear that they showcased.  Finer menswear and traditional suits walked alongside some very fashion forward plaid blazers – I wish I could find a picture of this blazer – I was geeking out a bit over it.  It was so understated in color and at the same time the pattern just jumped out with a bang!  Nice modern cuts were at the forefront that left that boxy look back in the 90’s without so much as an afterthought.  It resonated with Mr. D too.  We’re scheduling a field trip very soon to see if we can’t find something nice for him.

Murmurs from the crowd were overheard from a particular couple about the “metropolitan feel” and being on par with Dallas and Houston for the fashionable attire that the Austin ladies and gentlemen donned last night.

I definitely felt that familiar twinge of inspiration about taking a more daring approach to evening wear.  Variations of the ruffle detail is what I can’t get off my mind.  Classic silhouettes with details make garments more of an active participation in design.  The appreciation of a well designed product is just pure beauty plain and simple.

Austin, you’re looking mighty fine these days.

Tonight marks the DOWNTOWN OPEN HOUSE from 6:30 – 9 P Hope to see you there!


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