E V E N T • Le Garage, Austin TX

Le Garage,  it only happens twice a year for one weekend only.   It’s a MUST for the fashion fiend on a budget.  I discovered the illustrious women of Herff Christiansen there and walked out with 5 articles of clothing for a pretty (inexpensive) penny.  I scored a Marnie Bugs bag for $15 that was regularly priced at $400!  My man scored an entire wardrobe change for about $100 from Service Menswear – I’m talking $5 designer t-shirts.

HOW IN THE HECK DO THEY DO THAT?  It’s the past season’s merchandise!  Um, brilliant?  Austin, with it’s boutique nature, doesn’t carry the square footage to hold a rack of past seasons merchandise – they’ve got to cut their losses and open some dollars up to buy for more current trends and fashions, which translates to super sales for us!  50% – 90% off beautiful clothing – my favorite spots to visit – By George, Estilo, and Service Menswear.


1).  Wear pretty underwear – you may find yourself whipping off your clothes in front of many many people and into that pretty/sexy/must-have dress/skirt/jeans.  Don’t be afraid – pretend you’re in Europe for the day.

2).  Set a budget – You will want to set a limit for yourself, the goods are just too fabulous to walk away from with an open pocketbook.

3).  Bring CASH – It’s quick and it’s easy to track.

4).  Breathe.  No seriously, I hyperventilate for the first 30 minutes from excitement and sensory overload.  Lots of people and lots of gorgeous gorgeous clothing, footwear and accessories.

5).  Bring a buddy – this buddy will be a lifesaver – well, someone has to hold your purse, shoes, new bags of goodies and other garments flung off in excitement when reaching for the next.  A second opinion is always nice too, although, if you don’t make it with a buddy – there are lots of lovely fashionable ladies that won’t hesitate to give a good opinion.

Good luck ladies!  Hope to see you there!

Direct Link + Le Garage August 29 | 11a – 6p & August 30th | 11a – 5p

$10 for one day pass

$15 for two day pass


One response to “E V E N T • Le Garage, Austin TX

  1. Dang! Wish I’d read your post before today! Might have to hit it up tomorrow. Think there will be anything good left? Mai raved about it as well.

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