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Autumn '09 in 3 Easy Steps

It has always been daunting moving into a new season. Decisions of what to buy with all of the new trends, color palettes, and silhouettes is enough to make a woman crazy! I go into temporary HDD salivating over the thick look books for autumn; the magazines appear glossier and thicker, the model’s statuesque forms taken with en vogue designs.  A full overhaul of the latest runway fashions is not in the cards for most, so I’ve decided to take some of the current trends and update them with a concise autumn drool worthy ‘must have list’.

6 pieces that will take you in style from Summer into Fall.
Current Favorites

1. The Harem Pant.  The beauty of this piece is the construction and architectural nature of the silhouette.
2. Oversized Watch. There’s something powerful about a classic timepiece.
3. Skinny Belt. The trusty and versatile piece, the skinny belt never fails to perfect the outfit.

The Updates

1. Classic Button-up/Preferably in Denim • Both the classic button up and the denim look will continue into Spring ’10. For the more conservative fashion gal, pick a classic colored button up in a fresh white or blue and white striped pattern. Update with quality and you will still be wearing it with pride come Spring 2010.

2. Leather Accessories/Statement Necklace • THIS IS A COMBI DREAM! Statement necklaces are popping up a little more often and I’m loving it.  No surprise to anyone who knows me, I’m completely insane about leather accessories.  I find myself these days looking everywhere for the perfect leather this or that.  Fat Juicy Color and Texture are telltale signs of a piece that will last a lifetime.

3.  Beadwork/Flat Sandals • Sandals for the fall?  Heck Yea, I’m not going to completely deny that I live in Texas!  Sandals last 9 to 10 months out of the year in the South.  Invest in the latest looks now and revel in the fact that for 6 months you will belong to a certain club of ladies who give you the wink for being so brilliant.  Weary of the beadwork trend because it’s just not your thing?  Look for a T-strap leather flat or dust off your favorite riding boots and voila!

Direct Link + Autumn ’09 in 3 Easy Steps by Colours Marie featuring Antik Batik shoes


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