F I O N A P A X T O N • R U T H I E D A V I S

Say it slowly, F i o n a P a x t o n, is teaming up with Ruthie Davis for a  transatlantic rocker chic collaboration.

Originally a designer of prints and embroidery for the likes of Chloe  and Armani, Fiona Paxton decided to make a change.  Using traditional Indian methods of clothing construction, the jewelry designer was able to transcend the woven patterns she worked with for so many years into sculptural jewelry using a mixture of chains, glass beads and metal.

Ruthie Davis, an American designer, takes a more MODern approach in life.  Interviews in the past have revealed Ruthie Davis’ inspirations from Eva Kant – a 1960’s French assassin from the film Danger Diabolik.  From the looks of her past few seasons, all funky, vibrant and with a modern twist, she has embodied the intelligent, on-the-go woman.

Neons, lucite and patent leathers are no stranger to the DAVIS by Ruthie Davis line.  While on the other hand, bright contrast beadings, mixed use of material and gorgeous patterns are expected from Fiona Paxton.  With the entire tribal trend set to take over Fall ’09 and into Spring ’10, I wonder how they will incorporate both looks for the sandal.

Ruthie’s signature strappy look could also play a part in providing the high value real estate that Paxton needs to convey her signature look.  Perhaps a possible t-strap or multi strap up the ankle or over the instep?  Curious as ever and scanning every possible source for the marriage of these two very talented designers.

Fiona Paxton’s Jewelry +  Shiki, 2nd Street District

DAVIS by Ruthie Davis collection + The Hip Chick , Westlake Hills


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