EVENT: Steel Lounge Underground & CROSSROADS After Party with guest Daniel Allen

The only monthly museum social in Houston, Steel Lounge Underground is turning the Contemporary Art Museum , Houston into a interactive music mixer this Friday evening.   Every last Friday of the month from 8 – 11 P, DJ Pooks and Josh Zulu host a variety of local musicians representing the diverse nature that is Houston, Texas.  This month’s line-up features one of my FAVORITEFAVORITE DJs of all time, Henry Chow and his companion for the evening Sasha Braverman as well as Spain Colored Orange and Gracie Chavez.

I’m excited under my skin thinking about the CAMH but it doesn’t end there!

The after party is hosted at my favorite favorite Houston bar, DEAN’S CREDIT CLOTHING. [EDIT: This is the NEW Dean’s Montrose; 315 FAIRVIEW NEAR TAFT]

This is where a little flashback memory jog comes in . . .   ((((((entering photo montage)))))))

Let me just go off about Henry Chow and my unabashed love for his beats. . . . and his hair! My first encounter with Henry Chow was for one of my rowdier partners in crime “Dirty 30 Birthday Party”, cough, a few years back.  Miss. Wee B and I share some very similar tastes in music – BEATS THAT CAUSE YOU TO SHAKE IT!  And damn, did she ever book a DJ for that.  And so, my love affair began with Henry and his gorgeous hair. And Miss. Wee B, who will also be making an appearance, as the ever faithful PARTNER IN CRIME!

The greatest thing about this weekend is that it is a full circle event.  See . . . it turns out the DJ Daniel Allen, who may or may not be linked with Miss. Wee B, is playing at Dean’s too.  His latest release with Yevette Williams has been playing at my house at all hours of the day since I discovered it.

And then the fuller circle comes back to ZULU CREATIVE for mentioning this little event at CAMH. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Direct Links + CAMH homepage

+ Henry Chow

+ Sasha Braverman

+ Spain Colored Orange

+ Gracie Chavez


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