Full Steam Ahead!

Tonight, so very exciting, I am going to give some of my best handshakes and smiles to the other Austin Bloggers at Trio! Thanks for inviting me Tolly!

I’ve got loads up my sleeve on things that I have been doing – really it’s finding the time to sit down and share!  It’s full Spring ’10 line showing season – some long hours are being put in at the office.  Groovy color palettes and some fresh new takes on the my favorite, the flat sandal.  Sigh.  Wish I could share more, but it’s top secret, at least until 1/10.  Then it’s time to spill the beans.

More later . . .




2 responses to “Full Steam Ahead!

  1. Stephanie!! It was so very, very fun meeting you at the bleetup! I cannot wait to hang out with you again! Mai and I are both trying to make a conscious effort to post the events we will be going to, so I hope you will join us at one or even more of them. Oh and feel free to join our Austin group of 20something girl bloggers at http://www.20sb.net/group/austinbloggirls . It’s definitely not as diverse as the bleetup group is, but it’s a total blast to get to know other girls our age (ish – didn’t we have that conversation ; ) ? ) in our own town. And the others including Dani and Mai would love to have you!

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