fashion week part duex & other news

This post was started before July 22nd!  This is an indication of my hectic life right now. 🙂

Lot’s to catch up on . . .

So here’s to AFW week- the events were great.  I ended up not attending the Awards Ceremony, but did my best to get out and about to check out the boutiques and designers – because that’s really what I thought it should be all about!  It was fantastic to see so many boutiques and salons that really held the bar up high for themselves and the fashion minded individuals of Austin.  With so many events, it was impossible to be everywhere at once, but I did manage to get to see quite a few shows.

While out  at the 2nd Street Block Party (love that trend) I wandered around as many shops as I could soaking up all the gorgeous summer attire and jaw dropping accessories. It was then that I realized I needed to include jewelry more into my mix! It’s a perfect way to freshen up all the “basics” that were acquired during the two past seasons. And while I have a nice tight collection I felt it the perfect time to start expanding!

Which leads me to one of my latest and greatest, my Katherine Nicole Mesoamerican inspired ring! I found it while crawling the boutiques at Beyond Tradition. The method of making the rings is enough to create unique differences in each style. I sat there contemplating between two rings for almost 30 minutes!


Above: (left) Katherine Nicole interview video, (right) my new right hand ring.  I can’t take it off!


More jewelry from Beyond Tradition.


This was at Shiki Boutique who hosted Meline Collection. So cute! The fabrics were nice and light – perfect summertime day dresses. Nice detailing along the necklines and busts.

These little necklace babies were the light of my life for the entire week. I can’t get Fiona Paxton and her outrageously cool chains out of my mind. The Shiki Ladies were lovely, serving a refreshing cocktail of fresh lemonaide, mint and vodka. Mmm!  I must admit – my friends and I stayed at this boutique longer than we had anticipated.

My friend Alex – showing off this bling accessories for the evening!

The rest of the shots are from Gallery D – where Daniel Allen spun the beats for the evenings shopping and showing of Ross Bennett designs as well as the other great labels that Gallery D has to offer.  The last dress is just insane!   What did I tell you about those tribal prints, eh, eh?


Other News: Unfortunately, I have been having some technical difficulties.  In the past month my camera has gone out on me.  AND my iPhone crashed losing the other half of the Austin Fashion Week pictures – including the Devushka Clothing.  Ugh.  I was IN LOVE with those photos- the girls looked like they stepped out of a 50’s pin-up calendar with some serious ink.  LOVED LOVED LOVED it.  Sigh.  Note to self, Back that baby up!!!

*Please note, the photos are not exactly my placement.  Have to love creative glitch in html.*


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