Austin Fashion Week is in full swing

Life has decided to take a turn towards extremely busy! This time of the year is the time for retailers to start buying for spring 10. It’s been one meeting after another, last night was the first time I had a chance to get a bite! My days start with meetings and end with meetings with a limited break in the spare time. And that’s just my day job! Needless to say, not much time to post, but I wanted to share some sweet snap shots of this fantastic week! I’ve been making it out to a few of what feels like an endless list of ” must see events “. I’ve been making an effort to post via twitter so look a girl up, Colours Marie. Or just follow the twitter feed to the right of this post. I’m blogging from my phone right now so I’ll post a follow up with descriptions of photos and some juicy stuff from Qua, headed there now!


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