Foodie Alert : The Breakfast Klub, Houston


Wings and Waffles

Wings and Waffles

 I am not afraid of food.  I love it and live for it, anytime and any place.  I once scored major points for trying old fashioned pickled herring.  One can find these slimy chunks of fish stuffed into a glass jar at your local grocer.  My friend’s dad gave me a huge high five and then told me that in over the 20 years that he has been eating the stuff NO ONE had the nerve to try it.  I think I was on his favorites list after that bonding experience.  But, back to Chicken and Waffles . . . 

My first experience with Chicken and Waffles was at a neighborhood brunch put on by a bunch of Louisianan’s.  A smashing brunch party with homemade bloody mary’s, loud music and the strangest dish I have heard about in awhile, chicken and waffles.  Seriously?  So it goes, fried chicken, battered twice in buttermilk if you’re lucky, over one large waffle sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with warm maple syrup.  My life has changed since that experience.  I have searched far and wide for any chicken/waffle combi.  

The Breakfast Klub in Houston, Texas is the winner.  The breading on the chicken is enough to bring tears to your eyes.  I just had to share.


direct link + The Breakfast Klub


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