E V E N T : explosions in the sky

Huge news.  

explosions in the sky just emailed.

  Two knockout shows are scheduled for their latest Texas tour.

first stop  Austin, Texas.

 July 4th, Stubbs will feature  Explosions In the Sky with The Octopus Project and The Wooden Birds. – tickets are $18 -$ 20.  Stubbs is a music venue that has an impeccable delivery  of premium musical acts .  Take a look f or yourself  . . . 


photo credit: explosionsinthesky.com

photo credit: explosionsinthesky.com

2nd stop

houston • free press summer fest • august 8th

I’m geeking a little about the free press summer fest.  

Local Austin artists Explosions In the Sky, The Sword, Octopus Project, Ume, and Voxtrot  are representing the Austin scene and those are just the headliners of the 40 + acts that will play over the two day weekend!  

Needless to say, looking forward to August!  


I dug around in the archives of photos and managed to find a short and sweet taste of their performance this past SXSW at Auditorium Shores.  Killer shows up and down the whole SXSW roster, but a full blown concert in the middle of a park that frames downtown Austin for FREE?  


It’s moments like these that remind me why I absolutely love living in this city.


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