C U L T U R E : Blanton Museum of Art

photo: Blanton Museum of Art

photo: Blanton Museum of Art


The Mid-Century Modern period was a cultural phenomenon occuring when California’s coolest contemporaries spread the word about the newest design movement between the mid 30’s to the mid 60’s.

Architectural giants such as Frank Llyod Wright and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe articulated the post-war development of American suburbs by creating open plan homes that featured large glass windows and sleek design, which was unheard of during this time. MiesvanderRohe

Los Angeles, California and its hub of creativity embraced these new ideas of organic growth and rapidly produced paintings, furniture design, graphic arts, film, and music.  Miles Davis released the legendary Birth of Cool in 1957 teaching America how to grasp the idea of “cool,” while  Ray and Charles Eames drew heavy inspiration from the period and produced four decades of heart-stopping design from unconventional materials like plywood and plastic.

Austin’s own Blanton Museum of Art has more than 200 objects that give a multi-disciplinary showcase of the very makings to the “Birth of Cool;” art, design, and style from West Coast post-war era.

Due to popular demand, the Blanton will extend its hours on May 16 until 8 PM to give visitors one last look at Birth of the Cool before it closes May 17.

At 7 PM, view a special screening of the film VISUAL ACOUSTICS a 2008 study of the architectural photography of Julius Shulman. Followed by a Q&A with filmmaker, Eric Bricker. Film included with museum admission. Enjoy the Blanton Cafe before the screening (also open until 8 PM).

Blanton Museum of Art . The University of Texas at Austin
200 East M.L.K . Austin, Texas 78701 . 512 471 7324


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