“Who?” 1 of 5 W’s

I was once asked on a application to fill in the blank of my favorite color.  I sat there for quite awhile thinking about the implications each color carried; the purity of white, the energy of orange, and the ever indulgent purple.

 None of them seem to fit.

 Several days later I decided my answer, “I like to dip my fingertips into all of the cans of paint.”  I landed the position and colours marie was born.  

My interactions with fashion are a more visceral experience.  “Finger on the pulse” has been common feedback from those who have asked (and continue to seek) my advice.  With many mentorships in the creative field and my current position in the retail field, I have developed the training to articulate my attractions in the design community.

I hope to offer information that cross boundaries of the status quo, create new standards for higher living and to extend a moment of thought about a life filled with taste, quality and beauty.


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